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Robin Hegemier specializes in watercolor, acrylic, collage, and stained glass art. She lives in the Dripping Springs, Texas with her husband and two boys. Robin, born Feb. 4 1961, has lived in Texas since birth and has been painting since she was a young girl. “I took every art and drawing class I could fit into my schedule. My high school drafting teacher convinced me I’d never make a living in the art field, so I chose to study mechanical drafting in college instead of art.” After many years of working in the engineering field, then teaching, and even stand-up comedy, she has turned her creativity into an art career now spanning 25 years. Robin’s paintings are primarily representational. Her subjects include landscapes, animals, and botanical themes. Currently, she’s working on her “Barnyard Brawl” series featuring various four legged residents of Central Texas ranches and farms as well as “Trees and Their Seasonal Wardrobes” series






“When others view my work, I want them to feel a sense of ease or fun in the painting. At the same time, I want to draw them into the art with a curious desire to look a little closer. My personality is straight forward and happy, so most of my painting reflects that as well. Although most of my pieces are representational, I enjoy incorporating a bit of an abstract slant, bold colors, or a sense of amusement into my paintings. My favorite mediums are watercolor, acrylic, and collage. I’m captivated by the movement of the paint and the depth and texture collage adds to the surface. Although most of my work has an organic feel to it, I enjoy the freedom to experiment with different subjects, mediums, and styles. This painting approach not only keeps me on the creative edge, but allows me to offer a variety of artwork to perspective clients.”

Robin's Custom Stained Glass work Can be viewed on her Kaleidoscope Art Glass site at

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